The injection molding machine is mainly controlled by a frame, sheet metal, accumulator assisted high-speed injection, clamping system, hydraulic system, electronic control part and injection mechanism to control High Speed injection machine.
1.Clamping system
High efficiency: The new curved hand optimizes the design, and the speed and the clamping force are perfectly combined. The high-speed machine clamping speed is 10%-20% fast, and the standard side edge mold is provided as standard, which greatly saves the molding time.
2. Accumulator assisted high speed injection
High speed: high-precision single-bar injection system, suitable for high-speed injection, no out-of-synchronization problems, low inertia, fast injection and subtraction. With the accumulator injection, the maximum injection speed range of high-speed injection molding machine: 300-450mm / sec (depending on the model) injection acceleration and deceleration responsiveness 30ms.
3. Hydraulic system

High security: triple protection of machinery, hydraulics and electrical appliances. The safety module independently controls the closing, injection, feeding, and seating without causing malfunction and causing human injury. Concealed mechanical safety mechanism, high safety, fully enclosed sheet metal, etc.

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