Global Agent/ distributor wanted! 

Global Agent/ distributor wanted, join us

Join us, to build a way to success!

What is the market size of Plastic moulding machine have? 

1. Global market prospect, over 500 billion US dollars every.

2. Chinese machine take approximate 60% market share all over the world. 

Are we qualified to be an agent/distributor? 

1. If you have stock warehouse, that would be better.

2. Better to have plastic machinery sales experience.

3. If you have machinery equipment sales qualifications, that will be appreciated.

 What support will you get?

1. Marketing publicity material like printing booklets, leaflets , catalogues, promotion videos will be provided.

2. International or network promotion resources, such as self-owned website, Alibaba website,facebook, twitter  and so on.

3. Relatively abundant sales commission.

4. Special financial support for the payment. 

5. Amount of Exhibition service.

We provide Plastic Process Machineries, include Plastic injection molding machinesExtrusion blow molding machinesPET blowing molding bottle making machines,Plastic Product molding MouldsPlastic Machine Auxiliaries, and etc.

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